Sunday, June 29, 2008

We'll be at the New Store

I’m mainly posting so that everyone remembers to come tomorrow to the new store on Lawndale Dr., next to the new Fresh Market. I’ll be there at 10.--am.
I’ve been spotted hiking at Hanging Rock Park on a couple of weekends.

I've started Level 3:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Progression to Hay

The day has finally come to cut the hay. Actually it takes 3 days to cut and bale horse hay. No rain allowed.

Here is the Progression to Hay:

March 4, 2008

Baby Orchard Grass

April 10

May 17

Notice how the fence rails are no longer visable.

June 10

In addition to cutting hay, other exciting things are happening….

I passed level 2 of the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program. I've worked on this level for 1 ½ years!

I did not have to re knit anything!!!! Which I’ve come to learn is pretty rare. By the time the submission had returned home, I had convinced myself I’d be reknitting everything.

I had one resubmission which was a pattern for one of the lace swatches.

The store is scheduled to move on June 30, of course this is tentative. I got to see the new store the other day. It’s really looking good; much more space and a much better setup. I’m looking forward to our roomier and updated classroom.

Remember, I won't be in on Wed afternoons, until the fall. (Except for our Afghan square Weds.) My other class times will remain the same. Enjoy your summer and hope to see everyone at some point when your schedule's allow. Keep knitting and remember you can always get me be email.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Addendum…not so status quo….

After posting yesterday, a package was received at my house. It was my level 2 submision return. Here are the results:

The remarks were extremly kind and complimentary. There is nothing to reknit. One lace pattern needs to be resubmitted. It seems that while my method for figuring gauge was correct my expression of sts per inch should have been sts per four inches. Also, some technical jargon was missing. Also, in one of the lace patterns I used yf in place of yo.

The few problems pointed out through the project were listed as minor and comments were made to assist me in bettering my techniqes as I move on the Lev 3.

What a relief and a confidence booster this was.

My pattern is ready and will be mailed off in the am.

Mr Zip also passed his review.