Thursday, March 15, 2012

White Hot Wednesday Knit Along.

We are going to start White Hot next Wed. Well at least the swatch.

I will try to blog what we did or information here each week. 1. In case you forgot. or 2. In case you can't be with us.

We'll start with the gauge swatch. For the project you need size 3 and 5 needles. The swatch is on the size 5 needles.
To make the swatch:
CO 30 sts. Knit one row
RS Rows: K2, work chart A twice, k2.
WS Rows: Purl
Work about 4". Block the swatch

I will put up a photo after I've worked the swatch.

You can do the swatch next wed if you need help with the charts or just want me to hold your hand. Not a problem.

We'll start working the sweater on March 28!

Before blocking:


After blocking:

The center 26 sts should measure 7.25"
In addition to checking gauge also check that you like how the lace looks. If you like your fabric at a different gauge, you can work directions for a different size. You'll need to do a little math.
I will need a size 6 needle.