Saturday, May 31, 2008

Status Quo

Recently I was spotted knitting in the Bicentennial Park. It was a beautiful Saturday and we had a great time taking pictures as well.

And on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I stopped in Meadows of Dan at Greenberry House, a small Yarn/Fiber store. It is right off the Parkway on Hwy 58. Leslie, the owner, dyes and spins some of the yarns. She also carries other local yarns, wool, and fleeces in the store.

Progress report:
I decided to finish my Jo Sharp Rebecca.  The Aran Silk Tweed is  a wonderful yarn. The sweater is a perfect fit and I love the finished product.

Still waiting (week 5) to hear from the TKGA on level 2.

I started the Great American Aran Afghan. This afghan is knit in squares then pieced together. The squares are a lot of fun to knit. But I’ve found the pattern to be inconsistent. For instance, the whole pattern has a gauge of 19sts/4” yet each square calls for a specific needle…huh? ….The TKGA would have a field day with this one. I’m improvising as I go. 

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back to Pi

I’m thrilled to say that Level 2 was sent off and received last week by the TKGA. With this temporarily out of my hair. I was able to complete 1 of the endpaper mitts.

A studio!

I had left the mitt sitting for so long I couldn’t remember which color was carried over and which carried under. I guessed wrong. I noticed about 5 rows into the project and decided to leave it since no one believes me when I tell you that it does make a difference.

It's now a teaching prop.

I also finished the Juliet. I love it.

So now it’s back to Pi, Orkney Pi that is. Several others in the KAL have completed their Pi’s. After seeing the finished ones I’m rethinking how I will end mine. Seeing Liz Lovick’s as a bedspreadmade me realize knitting the entire 4th section would not be practical or realistic for me. I’ve got one more repeat of the lattice left, then I’ll make a decision. I’m thinking it would be nice to have some more cat’s paw; then the horseshoe pattern to finish to the length I want + a simple edging. Yarn might be an issue as well.

(I’ll have to get Snippy off the Pi first.)

Mr. Zip boxed up his submission as well, I guess he didn’t get the memo about the binder. Good luck Mr. Zip.

With this out of your fur for awhile you can get in some sunbathing and lizard hunting.