Thursday, November 18, 2010

You know your with your knitting friends when everyone gets silent when you start counting!

So today I will actually write for you.

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a few pieces of my grandmother's needlework. What a delight. I have very vague memories of her actually working on anything, turns out she was quite prolific.

This is a pillow knit by her. It is a cable and seed st pattern, I think I've got the pattern written out. I'm going to try and recreate it. She even worked in a zipper.

I was able to see some of her other work, mostly crochet and needlepoint, and hear some really interesting stories about her creative mind. I have her copy of Mon Tricot. It's sort of like reconnecting in a strange sort of way. What a great book of stitch patterns.......You see where I'll be going with this........
Everything seemed to be fairly modern nothing truly old school. With ethnic knitting all the rage, I was really hoping to find something Old Country, Romanian. Then this came:

My guess is Romanian point lace! Romanian point lace is a European tape lace created by basting hand-crocheted cord to an intricate design and then filling in areas between the cord with needle lace and needle weaving. Now this is cool.

So what is fresh off and currently on my needles......
Right now....two hats, one sweater, the Kousa Shawl, & Raha Scarf

And these are some recently finished projects:

And yes it's still great to be king.

Ha ha:

Duh gee Tennessee.