Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Bordom Post

It snowed, again, this weekend. Snow fell at our house for 24 hours straight. There is 9-10 inches around the farm with drifts of 2 feet. I've got three miserable horses to entertain. You'd think I'd be knitting and I was...while it was snowing. We've spent the better part of the morning digging out.

On to Knitting
Since my last post ( which was a very long time ago):
I've worked on several projects:

A Sleeveless Houndstooth Cardigan, the pattern and sample are scheduled for publication in the Spring issue of Cast On magazine.

Also a set of mittens and hat, a copy of the set I made for Christmas. These will be published in the Summer Issue of Cast On.

My Big Mexico Snowboarding Hat pattern of which I've made 2 has been a huge hit with the This & That knitting crowd. I owe the thanks though to Cindi and to the tassle that I came across through the MHK program.

I'm trudging away on the Swallowtail Shawl, about 10 more rows till completion.

I've got a ruffled scarf almost done as well.

And of course the Sundae Shrug which I love love love. I wouldn't have ever thought I'd like to wear a piece like this, but it is very comfortable.

I've got a couple of sweaters in progress as well. Both yoked sweaters. I've swatched out the first yoke, so anytime I could sit down and finish that one as well.

I'll try to get you some pictures up soon.
Keep Knitting......I'm told it's good for your health.