Thursday, December 13, 2007

My First Sweater

Today I’m writing about “My first Sweater”. I began knitting back in the late 1980’s. I took a class at a yarn store. The instructor taught knitting by having the student work a sweater. No practice—just jump right in.  If you don't know it is supposed to be difficult then you believe it is possible.

The yarn is Reynolds Saucy in horrid blue. (What was I thinking?) and in cotton no less. Cotton is notorious for highlighting flaws in knitting.

Here are the front and back, some close-ups, and the inside.

Yes, those are twisted stitches. The stitches are uneven. The seams don’t match up well either.

Rowing out and guttering abound.

At least I can say it fit, after all I made a gauge swatch and my “average” gauge matched the pattern.

Overall, it is a dysmorphic mess.

The best thing about this sweater is I KNIT IT . I’m sorry to say my second sweater wasn’t much better. But my third was a winner. I CABLED!!

My point being: Nobody starts off perfect and nobody ends up perfect.

We hopfully learn and improve as we go, building skills and knowledge. Have fun, this is your hobby.

The oldest hand knit sweater in existence today belonged King Charles I. He wore it to his execution. I wouldn't be caught dead in my first sweater.

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