Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back to Pi

I’m thrilled to say that Level 2 was sent off and received last week by the TKGA. With this temporarily out of my hair. I was able to complete 1 of the endpaper mitts.

A studio!

I had left the mitt sitting for so long I couldn’t remember which color was carried over and which carried under. I guessed wrong. I noticed about 5 rows into the project and decided to leave it since no one believes me when I tell you that it does make a difference.

It's now a teaching prop.

I also finished the Juliet. I love it.

So now it’s back to Pi, Orkney Pi that is. Several others in the KAL have completed their Pi’s. After seeing the finished ones I’m rethinking how I will end mine. Seeing Liz Lovick’s as a bedspreadmade me realize knitting the entire 4th section would not be practical or realistic for me. I’ve got one more repeat of the lattice left, then I’ll make a decision. I’m thinking it would be nice to have some more cat’s paw; then the horseshoe pattern to finish to the length I want + a simple edging. Yarn might be an issue as well.

(I’ll have to get Snippy off the Pi first.)

Mr. Zip boxed up his submission as well, I guess he didn’t get the memo about the binder. Good luck Mr. Zip.

With this out of your fur for awhile you can get in some sunbathing and lizard hunting.

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