Monday, September 1, 2008

Final Days of Summer

July found me at this famous local landmark:

I managed to get a lot of level 3 done sitting on the back porch. Level 3 counts as a vacation?

A few of us managed the Cropped Lacy Cardi

The GAAA group worked on the Belenger Square.

I’ve got 6 squares done for the GAAA.

I’ve finished 15 of the 18 swatches for level 3, although I may redo a couple.

I made the proto type for my Level 3 aran hat. And started the actual hat. I’m going with Adrienne Vittadini Lisa, color 1678: 50% wool, 18% Mohair, 18% Alpaca, 14% Polyamide

And I’ve got about 10” on my Level 3 Scandanavian style sweater.

The fiber report is written. Report on 6 knitting fibers.
9 of the 12 questions are answered.

I’ve bought some interesting yarns to stash:
2 skeins of Navajo Churro handspun and dyed
2 skeins of handspun Shetland and Mohair from Feederbrook Farm
1 skein Rio de la Plata multicolored fingering yarn
2 skeins hand spun llama
2 skeins hand dyed wool/angora


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