Friday, April 24, 2009

Hemlock Ring Blanket

Work is continuing on the Hemlock Ring (Doily) Blanket. This is such a fun project.  I wondering if I've got enough yarn.  I may need to get more.  It's really a clever idea making a doily large enough to be a lap blanket.

Hemlock always remind me of Socrates.  So if you've never heard the world's shortest biography:

Socrates was a man.  Socrates was a Greek.  He went around telling everyone what to do.  They poisoned him.


My Level three made it to the TKGA office.  I think it will take close to 3 months to review, especially since the convention is this May, and they will all be busy with that.

I am also working on a "stash reduction" Blanket.  I saw something like it on the Yarn Harlot's
Ravelry page.  So I can't take credit for this one.  It's great if you've got alot of yarn snippets and part used up balls of yarn.  Some of you saw it last week.

This is a project my student's will love.  No gauge swatch!  No (real) counting! (if you can count to 3 you're set and even then if you don't feel like counting---don't).

Basically what I did was:
Size #9 (32") circular needles

Using a worsted weight yarn make a tail that is several yards long (don't measure--Esimate!!!) Start casting on (lontail) while your waiting for pages to load on the computer or reading emails or what ever.  Cast on for about 1/2 hour with distractions.  You should have 200 +/- 
stitches. Don't count!! Should fill up your needles. 

Choose a pattern stitch.  I'm doing garter st.  Then work one row with your cast on yarn.  Cut yarn , leaving a tail.  Pick another yarn from your stash and begin knitting with that.  Tie the tail of this yarn together with the first yarn (fringe).  Knit an odd # of rows (I've been doing 3 so far), cut yarn leaving a tail.  Keep doing this until you feel like stopping. Or just keep going.

I am now on Twitter as lipizzanknitter (what else!!)


  1. wooohooooo, you are on twitter! are you addicted yet? surprising how much time I can spend on twitter. love clicking on some of the links and have found some pretty cool stuff!

    Hey Leslie, I can can't to three and you know how I hate to do swatches, you think I can handle the Hemlock Blanket?

    Have missed being in class the last couple of weeks but am making plans to be there Wednesday!

  2. You can do whatever you set your mind to.


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