Sunday, April 1, 2012

KAL Update

We're all cast on and ready to knit.

Things to remember.
Place a marker after the first set of side st st stitches and before the last set. These should be the same number.

Place a marker between the 3 purl sts and the chart stitches. The center section should go:
St sts, marker, p3, marker, chart A, marker, p3, marker, chart B, marker, p3,marker, chart A marker,p3, marker, chart B, marker p3, marker, side sts.
If you are making the Large there will be an extra ---chart A, marker, p3, marker, chart B, marker, p3 before the final side sts.

Yarn overs
From k to k. Bring the yarn to the front. Begin next st. Bring yarn over R needle. Knit next st

From K to ssk or k2tog. Bring the yarn to the front. Begin next st. Bring yarn over R needle. K2tog or ssk

From k to p Bring yarn to front, over right needle and back to front. Purl the next st.

From p to k (or ssk or k2tog) Leave yarn in front, begin next stitch( or decrease), bring yarn over needle and work next st.

Count count count.
Too many sts, you probably forgot a decrease, you may have forgotten to pass your slipped sts over.
Too few sts, you probably forgot a yarn over.

Place the lifeline after you've worked a return row so you don't have to deal with running it through yarn overs.
Thread tapestry needle with crochet thread. Run through the stitches along the needle. Go around the stitch markers.
Place the lifelines every so often as you feel comfortable.

Be sure to stretch the lace out to simulate the blocked fabric when measuring.
I am using the steamer to block every 3-4" before measuring.

The A line decs occur in the purl sections that divide the charts.

Did you notice that rows 1-8 of chart A are the same as 9-16 of chart B and rows 9-16 of A are the same as 1-8 of B?
Did you notice the charts are mirror images of each other?

I've gotten 7 repeats of the charts done.

I am planning on working the shoulder shaping differently then the pattern and using a three needle bind off. But that's for later...

Keep Knitting!

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