Sunday, May 4, 2014

Charting Vertical Designs

Let's start by looking at a few vertical designs:



Notice that while the motif can be extended horizontally in all of the above examples, the design must extend vertically.  In each example, one multiple or several multiples are possibilities. The design does not depend on having more than 1 multiple. 

I will use a cable for this charting and designing example.

I have chosen to work a project using the following cable and this is how I find it charted in my stitch dictionary:

OXO Cable
Multiple of 8
Rows 1 & 5(RS): C2F, C2B
Rows 2 and all WS rows: p8
Row 3, 7, & 11: K8
Rows 9 & 13: C4B, C4F
Row 14: P8.

Did you notice the chart only shows RS rows?  The pattern directions must state how to work all WS rows. 

In my design the cable needs to be worked 10 times across the row in order to get the correct size. I also need to use spacer stitches to separate the cables.  I have determined that the cables will be separated by 2 reverse stockinette stitches. 

First let's determine the multiple:
Remember, the multiple is the set of stitches that repeats across the row.
The multiple will consist of the cable stitches + spacer stitches. There will need to be extra spacer stitches at the end of the row to balance the cable horizontally.  

*Spacer stitches become part of the multiple*

Next, I will determine the repeat:
The idea here is to begin the cable on the row that will best complement the design. Whatever row I choose now becomes the "row 1" of my pattern. The rows will need to be renumbered and charted accordingly.  The directions in the pattern should state to begin all charts on row 1. (There are exceptions)  I decide that I want my cable to start with a complete O and end with a complete O---- Balance!

To do this I must start the chart as shown in the reference on row 5. Therefore row 5 becomes row 1 in my pattern.

My final chart will look like the following:

Things that must be in my pattern:
Identify 102 stitches where this chart should be worked.
The green box needs to have some explanation.
Directions for working wrong side rows.
Directions for working C4B and C4F.
I also must direct to work rows 1-14 but end by working rows 1-8.

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