Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rabbits and Barn Swallows

This is Belle. She lives behind my barn near a little shed under an overhang. She's very sweet. You can walk up and talk to her, probably even pet her.

The barn swallows are back to their regular nest. This is year 4 for that nest. They are such pests but I still love them. They make a giant mess

I wish I could get rid of those annoying crows and those stupid June bugs.


  1. Belle looks so sweet, I love rabbits! We had a rabbit that nested in a flower bed for several years but we haven't seen her this year. I miss her and watching her little babies.
    The horses probably appreciate the swallows eating all those flies and mosquitos.
    Crows are not a favorite of mine either, they kind of scare me.


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